Phoenix(@da_real_PHOENIX) Summons Trey Turner’s (XTreyxTurnerX) PHAT Ass! @BreedItRaw @rawfuckclub


A couple of days ago, after watching Trey Turner’s bareback scene with Romance,I thought of Phoenix and his scene with Mikey (BreedItRaw). Although models and producers do read my lil blog, I didn’t really expect anyone to pay too much attention to my initial post. At the very least, I could be potentially helping two models score some work.

Phoenix seem to think it’s a good idea because he tweeted the following recently….


Trey Turner nor producers has yet to respond to my initial post but something tells me that somebody is going to set this scene up. Other models such as Cutler X (coming up next), Knight,  Champ Robinson, Antonio Biaggi or maybe even Addyction could do the job. Hell I could see a flip flop session with Kaleb or XL (has he retired..)

It may happen. It may not. If so, y’all know where the idea came from…

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