Former Boxer & Adult Actor Claims DawgpoundUSA (@videoboyblog) Allegedly Drugged Him!


This a major scandal going on over there at DawgpoundUSA. Apparently one of their models is saying that they were drugged and filmed without their consent and they are spilling all the tea.

The model went by the name ‘Philly’  but his legal name in the news is Yosaf Mack, a former boxer and father of ten children. He is currently engaged to a woman and lives in Philly.

As you may know from my other blog, DawgpoundUSA is on the east coast as well.  You can peep the FULL story below…

A professional boxer and father-of-ten claims that he was drugged and does not remember having sex with two men for an x-rated video that is now available on a gay subscription website – but admits to agreeing to take part in the porn film and getting paid $4,500 for it.
Yusaf Mack, 35, who has fought several world champions and is known as the ‘Mack Attack’, has chosen to speak out and defend his heterosexuality after he was identified as one of the men in the explicit film, which appears to have been online since December 2014.
‘My whole life, I’ve been what they call a wh–emonger. I love females,’ Mack told

‘The only time I touch a man is when I’m in the ring fighting.’

Mack, who is engaged to a woman, admits that he agreed to take part in a porno because he needed the money.
He retired from boxing last year after losing a six-round fight to Cory Cummings.
Mack said he was contacted with an offer to do porn on Facebook and traveled from Philadelphia to New York one night to make the video, believing it would be heterosexual.
He went to an address in the Bronx, where he said there were naked women walking around.
‘I think, ”It’s about to go down”,’ he told
‘I needed a drink or something. They gave me a pill and a shot of vodka.
‘I took the pill down with the vodka.’
Mack claims he has no memory from that point.
The next thing he remembers is someone waking him up on a train at 30th street.
He then found $4,500 cash in his pocket, he says.

However, somehow during the time of taking the pill and waking up, Mack appears to have engaged in explicit and extensive sex acts with two men and was filmed doing so.
His face is not covered in the footage and neither are his distinctive body tattoos.

The video was then put up on DawgPound USA, a gay porn site featuring African-American men.

Mack said he chose to forget about what happened and went home, however everything came back to haunt him on October 16, when he was out in Philadelphia and realized some of his friends were not speaking to him.
Finally someone pulled him aside and explained that people had seen the video.
‘I don’t know what y’all are talking about,’ Mack told them.
‘That ain’t me. I don’t remember that.’
His friends then convinced Mack it was him in the video.
He told he still has not seen the video and wants to track down the people who made it.

DawgPound USA did not respond to questions about the video when contacted by The Daily Mail Online on Tuesday.
There is no suggestion the website produced the video.
Boxing pundits say Mack was a promising fighter, but hit a bad losing streak before throwing in the towel.


Now you know after I found out about this story, I had to do some digging.


Apparently Young Buck & Bamm Bamm, who’s twitter is currently suspended and in hiding, is featured in the scene. The scene in question is called ‘Holiday Humpin”. I believe this particular scene was filmed sometime last year.

Clearly they would know about this video shoot and can speak on it to clear names. Maybe that blog that is currently affiliated with DawgpoundUSA can contact them and get their side of the story. Somebody needs to step up and speak out.

I have heard about allegations of drug use and sexual abuse in the urban adult industry and I do believe there may be some truth to this story. I have heard stories from models who have worked with DawgpoundUSA and their experiences weren’t always great. I have written stories about predators, who took advantage of models in the past so once again I do believe there is some truth in his story.

I never heard of models being drugged up against their will though. In most cases, the models use drugs on their own will. I am not saying it doesn’t happen but I don’t believe this is the case with DP.



One lesson I learned about this industry is that people lie. Models lie. Producers lie. You take everything that is said with a grain of salt. Somebody is not telling the WHOLE truth.

I do believe the model is not telling the WHOLE truth. First of all, we ALL know that urban adult industry does not pay the models a lot of money to shoot one scene ESPECIALLY if you are an amateur. Nobody is getting paid 1000s of dollars to shoot one scene unless they are already established and even they don’t get paid $4,000+ for ONE scene. Maybe in 1996 but definitely not in 2015.  This is not the music industry in which they give out advances. You are paid a flat rate starting out and it’s not much. Hell women don’t even paid that much anymore. Now maybe he was paid that much for his services but I don’t believe it. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that ESTABLISHED models do not get paid nearly that much these days.


He says that he does not remember the scene or the photoshoot but clearly he seemed to be alert in the scene and based on the photos, he seems alert. It’s an open secret that models are allowed to partake in drugs and alcohol on sets. This is not the case with ALL studios but some of them do allow it.

I think that this man was probably embarrassed that his friends (who claimed they saw the video) found out about the video and it bruised his ego. Naturally he probably thought nobody would find out about the video (and photoshoot with no women in sight..). Back in the day, you could participate in a adult flick and nobody knew about it. Thanks to social media and the advancement of the internet in general, Porn is no longer an underground scene. You could shoot a video on Monday and by Wednesday everybody (and their mother…) will know about it. That’s just the natural of the business. I strongly believe that he knew exactly what he was getting himself into and he is probably embarrassed that his friends (and family) know about the film.

It doesn’t help that Kidd interview touched on similar issues and it’s apart of the reason why I discontinued my blog and stop promoting the industry. This story is going to open the Pandora box of secrets and I am not sure the world is ready for that.

This is a serious allegation nevertheless. I will be following this story and hopefully someone will be bold enough to step up and speak on these allegations.


Stay tuned..

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