Dear Luckey… XL (@XLAdventures) vs Blogger, @BammBammXXXL & DawgpoundUSA (@VideoBoyBlog) Scandal



      Greetings and sending well wishes to you. So this has been a helluva week for the “Gay Black World” if you will. First, the story with the infamous boxer asinine story about the porn scene with DawgpoundUSA. Then porn performer, Bamm Bamm (@BammBammXXXL)had issues with his Twitter account. Now recently porn performer, XL (@xladventures) had some tweets towards the owner of ThaXXXList about how XL was being unsupportive and some garbage which the owner was clearly in his feelings. Now come to find that all social media of ThaXXXList, including their website and Twitter account, has been removed. Can you say “Yikes!” It’s been one hell of a week for the gay/SGL POV. I just wanna know your thoughts on all this tea on the table.


London Drizzle

Dear London Drizzle,

Thanks for the letter and your support of the blog. I must agree with you. There have been a lot going on in the black gay porn world. There was that Kidd vs Rock & Carlito drama. Not to mention the stories you mentioned in the letter.

Bamm Bamm’s twitter was suspended and according to him, his manager is working on getting his account reinstated. In the meantime, he should just create a new one. He is quite popular so he shouldn’t have trouble building his follower count up. As I mentioned on my last blog, Twitter (along with a few other social media sites) have been working to cut down on pornographic content on their respected sites. I lost my Facebook & Tumblr soon after I discontinued my blog.

Speaking of Bamm, he along with Mustang, was featured in ‘Tha Life ATL’ webseries. It’s been an interesting week for him. You know he is featured in that infamous scene the boxer was talking about. I heard that the two are actually good friends behind the scenes. I am interested to know how Bamm think about all that Dawgpound drama. You know the more I think about that Dawgpoundusa scandal, the more I think “Philly” probably took one too many hits to the head when he was boxing.

And then there is that drama between XL and that blogger. I really hate that whole situation happen. From what I understand the blogger didn’t appreciate what XL said on twitter and the conversation went left. I didn’t know that the blogger’s blog was offline and their social media was wiped up. As a fellow blogger, I am kinda disappointed that he is having those types of issues. As y’all know we didn’t exactly end on a good note but I wouldn’t wish what he is going through on anyone. I really hope that he is able to get it together over there.

I think XL should have the right to speak his mind and I didn’t see anything wrong with what he said. That blogger was clearly being disrespect to XL and have been pulling shit on XL for a while now. I guess XL got tired of playing nice and let him have it. Because XL isn’t the type to be a follower and is very opinionated, he gets slack from time to time. I agree that the blogger is very emotional when he doesn’t get his way or people don’t agree with his actions and motives. I was once that emotional blogger and I must say that shit doesn’t get you anywhere. You can’t go around bullying people and think that you run the adult industry. That pedestal is bound to tip over eventually. Humbleness and respect goes a long way in life.

I saw that Hot Rod & a few others stood up for XL and that was cool to witness. I really wish we ALL could learn to get along with one another. We don’t have to like each other but we should at least be able to be cordial and be respectful. The adult industry is freakin’ boring and is not what it used to be anymore hence why I stop promoting it. I am still going to voice my opinions on the industry though. Anyway I am ramblin’ on but I do appreciate your letter. Please continue to write to me with your questions!


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