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Hello friends and enemies I hope you are doing well.   It is a golden opportunity that you have stopped by to learn something.  I am not talking because I like to hear myself but I have something to share with you.  Those of you that have been following this section of the blog know that we just heard a great interview. The person being interviewed was porn performer Kidd.  Now I do not know him and have never exchanged any communications with him. I feel that I must lay a firm foundation for what he said. I have been around the industry for many years.  I had direct knowledge and indirect knowledge of the gay porn industry.  I was very close to Kevin Kemp. I laughed and hung out with Bam. I could keep going but I wanted to establish my credentials.  My lover was a personal bodyguard to a couple of producers.
Many eighteen year old guys came from around the country during those days to audition to be in porn. The producers had there scouts out looking for people who were mainly hopeless and somewhat vulnerable. The scout was a paid informant and a so call black brother. Many of the guys had big dreams of making it big in porn just like Tigger Redd.  Most of those guys are dead. They didn’t even make it to twenty five. You have to pay a dirty price to stay relevant in porn.  And the porn performer will have to sell out at some point or get kicked out.
The producers regularly slept with the performers.  When you slept with the producer and you made it real good you appeared on many magazine covers. You ate better and dress better. There was this guy name Philiph who appeared in some films with Rickey Parker who the producer fell in love with. Philiph was a quiet guy.  I talked with him and he told me he was going back home.  He was from Houston. The producer was so smitten with him until he even offered a lot of extras that other performers were not getting. Phil was dead set on leaving  because he saw the dangers of the situation.  He soon left and I was so glad for him.  There is no future in porn. Anyone that says otherwise is a Liar. If you think you will have a fat bank account then you are deluded.  There has never been a wealthy black gay porn performer.  You send me there name and I will personally write you a personal check for five hundred dollars.  I am serious about this. People are throwing there lives away trying to be a “pornstar “.  You will never be a successful porn performer.  I must say that a whole lot of these guys today are not happy.  How can you be happy with those small pennies you make.  At least those that came before you made more than today.  But that was nothing because you couldn’t save anything. Tigger Redd said he had friends around him. Those friends are temporary and have no power. I don’t care what they say if they were so smart then they wouldn’t be in porn in the first place. You don’t know which performer the producer has manipulated.  To those that are thinking about coming into porn I strongly suggest you don’t because porn will mess you up.  The industry is a hotbed of all kinds of bacterial infections and veneral disease.  I am in the process of trying to interview someone I know who went to jail for battery against a porn producer.  This happen in 2003. This person got tired of being a personal slave to a certain producer. I kept in contac with this person who now is a successful realtor.  Everyone I know who stayed in porn is dead or mentally challenged. Porn will mess with your mind. I have so much to say on this. But I want to encourage Kidds heart. You are way better than porn. You are articulate and very well spoken. Those who stand with you are your true friends. God knows your heart and He will put a fence around you to protect you until you are on a firm foundation.  The success is when you leave. Look at Kevyn Mines and Hotrod. I am so proud of them. It is your season now to grow into your true purpose.      The wicked and negative porn industry will be as always ………The Bands Plays On.
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