More Reasons Why Yusaf Mack aka Philly Could Be Lying.. DawgpoundUSA (@VideoBoyblog) Laughs Off Rumors!


Yesterday, I gave you guys my take on this whole “straight boxer” gets drugged on a porn set business.

Well I did some more diggin on Yusaf Mack and it appears that not only did he participate in the video but he actually bottom in that scene.

Now I am no big ol bottom but I would think that if he was indeed a straight dude who has never been with a man, he wouldn’t know about how to “prepare” himself. Clearly he is a pro in that department. Straight men are douche their asses now?

If you watched the video, clearly he was not under the influence and seem to be alert. As a matter of fact, he is initiating the sexual acts in the video and mentions in the video that Bamm and Buck was not banging him hard enough.

I guess those “gay power bottom” pills are mighty strong to make a whore-monglin’ straight ex boxer of ten kids want a dick in his mouth.

There is talks that this scene is not his first porn scene. Allegedly he has work with Taggaz Production in the past. I am still waiting on the confirmation on that but this dude is definitely pulling a stunt for publicity and sympathy.

It grind my gears because I know of models who have dealt with sexual abuse and they are afraid to speak up about it. This story has gone viral and his face and story is EVERYWHERE but what exactly does he expect to gain?

Meanwhile, DawgpoundUSA is calling the allegations rubbish. Hopefully they will expose this fool for what he really is and shut this mess down.

Neither Bamm Bamm or Young Buck has spoken about the matter.

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