Dear Luckey…There Is Something About Tigger Redd (@TiggerReddXXX)!


Hi Luckey.  
First off…Happy Thanksgiving!
Do you have any tea on M Don and Kannon?  I know M Don has been gone for a minute, but I read somewhere that he went back to school and was even in a relationship.
  As for Kannon, the last I saw of him was in scenes where he bottomed for Drilla and Kept Secret, respectively.  Guess he’s just moved on.
Also, Black from was one of my favorite tops.  I read that he, too, left the business after finding love.  
Finally, what do you think of new bottom Tigger Redd?  I love my thick men like you, but there’s something about this twink taking on “big” men that I just love.
Anyway, that’s all for now.  Again Happy Thanksgiving!
Much Love,

Hey Seventysbaby,

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

Okay I got some bad news and some good news. The bad news is I have no tea on either of the models you mentioned. I think you meant Malo Don and the last I heard, he left the business andwent back to school.

The good news is I have known of Tigger Redd for quite a while now. I think it’s been a couple of years now actually.

Tigger is a cool kat in my book. I remember when he told me he wanted to get into the adult business. I must admit because he is somebody I knew and he was so young, I really didn’t want him to do it.

Now that he has some scenes under his belt, it’s kinda strange for me to watch his films so I don’t. I saw his very first scene and that was enough for me. I find it weird watching people I know have sex. He is a great performer and will give some of these power bottoms a run for their money! Dare I say it, Tigger is a natural. I never could understand how those young bottoms ( Trelino, Tigger, Armond) could take all those big hung dicks! I want to choke just thinking about it.

I do encourage Tigger to finish his education and take care of himself. We don’t communicate as much as I would like to but he knows Luckey love and supports him.

Anyway I hope I answered your question! Keep it coming!


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