A Suggestion For Black Rayne (@black_rayne) Ush Richbanks(@MRUSH_RICHBANKS) Deep Dicc (@CashKizz) & Knight (@knightsc10)


After watching Breed It Raw‘s last scene “Three Meat Trio“, I notice a few things and wanted to share my thoughts and ideas on the blog. I want to start off by saying that I am not bashing the models’ work. They did what they were hired to do.

The scene was decent and it DEFINITELY had potential. I am fan of Knight (although he hates me..lol) and I appreciate Ush and Deep Dicc’s work. Ass-Nonymous is growing on me slowly but surely.

I did notice that Ush and Knight had chemistry and that is one thing that is lacking in scenes these days. I really wished BIR would have capture more of Knight and Ush’s interaction.

I hear Knight wanted to shake up his image and I felt like this could have been the right time to do so.

If I had it my way, The scene would have started out with Knight and Ush playing with each other. A whole lot of mutual oral and jacking. Maybe even have Ush sit on Knight’s face.  Push the envelope a lil… (Scene 1), Deep Dicc would join the duo and keep it going. Mind you, there is no penetration but a lot of sucking each other off and eating each other out. (Scene 3) Ass-nonymous joins the crews for the finale. It would keep people on each of their nut and it would have definitely been something to talk about.

Ush seemed to have only been in the scene for about a hot minute. For a while, you forgot he was even there. I was disappointed that he didn’t participated in the scene more…

Maybe bring him back with Knight (and Deep Dicc) for round two of fun. Battle of the tops if you will… We all know the boys have a freaky side waiting to cum out… why not take advantage of it?

I get the whole top/bottom recipe that is needed in films but it would have been interesting to see the tops play with each other. Scenes in general are becoming repetitive with no real imagination.

This merely just my suggestion. I am curious as to what the fans think..

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