Dear Luckey….Staxx On The Bottom!


Hey Luckey,

I hope you are doing well and everything. I want to say that I REALLY miss your old blog The Luckey Star and I hope you reconsider bringing it back. Anyway, I am writing you to ask your opinion about Staxx latest video from Black Boy Addictionz.You stated that you predicted the video would be a versatile scene which basically meant Staxx and Knockout bottomed for the first time on film. Anyway we FINALLY got a video of Staxx bottoming on film. I have to say that I was impressed with the video. Actually both scenes were good. Anyway I wanted to know what you thought about the video or if you have seen it yet. Also, I thought Staxx retired? What is up with that?

Anyway I hope you post this on your blog. I really like it but I do hope you bring back the old blog.

Take care,

Johnny R.

Dear Johnny R.,

Thanks for the letter and I am sending good vibes and energy your way. I do appreciate the love and support of my blogs. I must admit I shut down the old blog without much of an explaination. I have read/heard rumors about what could have possibly happen to my blog. Just clear everything up, I decided to retire my old blog and start something fresh. Long story short, it was time for a change. I am in a better place in my life as a result of my decision and I don’t regret it. I do miss my starz letters. I will continue to speak my mind on the industry and support the models but I won’t be covering the explicit stuff.

In reference to Staxx latest scene, I did get a chance to see the video and I must agree with you, I thought the video was nice. VERY nice actually… Staxx and Knockout definitely have good chemistry. I think it’s interesting that people made such a big deal about Staxx bottoming. I remember speaking to him about the idea of it all and he told me that he would be open to the idea but the money would have to be right. We talk about some other stuff that I won’t repeat all that on the blog. I was told behind scenes from insiders that the video was indeed a “flip flop” scene.

Staxx did informing me that he has retired from the industry. As I explained on my other blog, some producers release footage months and sometimes years after participating models have retired. In this particular case, the video was shot a couple of months ago. Staxx announced his retirement soon after.

Recently I checked up on Staxx and he is okay.

I hope I was able to answer your questions. Keep in touch!




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