Former Boxer Yusaf Mack aka Philly Comes Out As Bisexual….


As you may know by now, Yusaf Mack accused adult studio company DawgpoundUSA , of drugging and filming him without his consent. As usual, I gave you the real scoop and prove that he was in fact telling a lie. We found out that he was featured in an additional scene courtesy of a different company.  Naturally DawgpoundUSA denied the claims and threaten to seek legal action against Yusaf Mack.

Well today, Mr. Mack aka Philly finally comes clean and confess that the deed never happen as he explained and he is bisexual in his real life.

“This is an issued public apology from my heart. I want to address a few situations with the first being the false claims I made about being drugged during the Dog Pound adult film. I have never spoke negatively about the company that produced the film although the claim to have been given a drug by someone during set was a lie. I was completely aware and fully conscious during the film.

The second situation, which further explain the first, concerns my lifestyle. I did participate in the adult film because at the time I needed money but also because I am a bisexual man. Meaning I enjoy safely being intimate with whomever I choose.

Lastly I would like to address the reason I lied. My life was completely destroyed once it had been outed that I participated in a gay film. I selfishly tried to cover the truth and remain in denial, rather than accept the fact that I was leading a double life secretly.

After reflecting on the mess I had made I realized that I hurt a lot of my loved ones and the people, my famCherry.d fans, I cared about the most were left disappointed and confused. It was unfair and time to come clean. I want to say sorry to my children and my ex fiancé, I am so sorry that I was a coward and hid a huge part of my life from you all. To the ones that were once my friends and now feel disgust, I’m sorry, but this is my life. I’m not looking for sympathy or even understanding, I’ve kept this secret for a long time. It is time to move forward and this is me walking in my truth.

There are other men and women that are set up in the similar situations and I just hope I can be inspiration to be just be you. The extreme taboo and harsh criticism of living a same sex lifestyle, especially as an African American male, makes it hard to be completely honest and comfortable within yourself. But I had to remember that I am a champ & I can fight and will fight through this. I am more than my sexual orientation. To all of my supporters I thank you dearly. For all other media outlets please contact my consultant Anthony Cherry.” CREDIT BSO VIA RONALD MATTERS!

Now I have been hard on Mr. Mack but I can give the man props for finally telling the truth and letting his truth be known. I do understand that he was embarrassed and lets face it, our brothas and sistas do not make it easier for us to live our truth….especially when you have a fiancee and TEN kids. Hopefully this will be a lesson for people in the adult industry. We don’t live in the days in which you can film a scene and people won’t find out about it. All it takes is a hard on and Google search. I would like to know which one of his friends found out about the film. As they say, birds of a feather flocks together.

But seriously I am glad he is able to free himself all of this and hopefully something good can come out of all of this. I don’t think he would find work in the adult industry ever again though…

By the way….that $4,500 he claimed he was paid…..More like $450…

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