Micah Brandt Reveals Unreleased Scene w/ Diesel Washington..


A year ago Men.com was set to release a new scene featuring porn vets Diesel Washington & Micah Brandt. At the time, Diesel Washington was bragging about his upcoming scenes and his brand..


Micah Brandt would tweet a subliminal message that was clearly geared toward Diesel.




Diesel would go on to respond in a video that has since been deleted. Ironically around that time Micah Brandt was living out of a hotel and was begging his fans for money via GoFundMe.

A whole year later a fan recently asked Micah Brandt about that scene…



Lowkey I wish Men.com would release the scene. Diesel is on his way out and Micah is back on top with scenes. It’s rare that we see a black on black scene on such a major studio. Only time will tell..

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