Yusaf Mack Comes Out As Trans Attracted?!

This entire month, Yusaf Mack aka Philly has taken us through a whirlwind  of tall stories and revelations. First he claimed he was drugged by a porn company and have since confessed that he lied and was bisexual. A couple of days later, he said was not bisexual but gay. Soon after He hosted a “coming out” party in West Hollyweird.

Now he says that he is attracted to transexuals. Does that means he is straight? Does he mean he is really attracted to feminine men?

At least he is speaking up for the men, who are attracted to transwomen.

Kudos to him but if he comes out again and say that he is really attracted to pink unicorns…

Killer Blatino Porn 400x400 - Animated
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