Dear Luckey…Ty Lattimore & Hoody Lavaye!

Hey Luckey!

Hope all is well! Do you know what’s the latest on Ty Lattimore. I haven’t seen or heard anything about him in a minute. The last time I saw pics of him, he wasn’t looking as good as he did back in the day. I’m not starting rumors or nothing, but he look like he was messing with that stuff. I’m just saying.

Do you know if Hoody Lavaye is from the Tidewater Virginia area, (Norfolk) or if he’s just visiting? I see he has a profile on A4A and I wasn’t sure if it was really him or not. You know how folk do 😉 I’m not gonna hit him up, stats say “Anything Goes”, and that’s soooo not for me, and he’s too young for my taste. I was just wondering.
Take Care


Dear ME623,

I was a huge fan of Ty Lattimore. I used to follow him on Facebook a couple years back. He was probably one of the first models I had the chance to interact with and unfortunately he was not as nice as I had hope but you deal with that in this business. I am still a fan of his so I am not going to assume or suggest that he is on drugs or got the gift that keeps on giving. I believe he just decided to lose weight for his own personal reasons. Although I am sure it’s easy, we should never assume that just because one loses weight, he is on drugs or sick. Even if that was the case, unless we are trying to help we should mind our own business.  As far as his whereabouts, he is still active on Facebook. He is a photographer and CEO of Ty Lattimore Entertainment & Photography.
Hoody does live on the east coast and is an escort when he is not shooting films so that page might be him. All you have to do is ask him on twitter @hoodylavaye! If it’s not him, I am sure he would appreciate you bringing that profile to his attention.

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