Is Apollo from BBA & Slong Johnson The Same Person?!


I believe everyone in the world have at least someone else in the world who looks exactly like them…almost like a long lost twin.

Upon signing into my A4A account, I came across one of their webcam advertisements and discover “Slong Johnson”. I said to myself that he looked a lot like BBA (BlackBoyAddictionz) fan favorite Apollo!

Slong Johnson claims to be born Oct 31 and is a Scorpio, while according to BBA’s site, “Apollo” is only 21 and is Libra.

Both are about the same muscular size and have studs in their ear. Both have similar haircuts and facial features. Apollo does seem a lot smaller than Slong Johnson  although both are 5’9 and weight about 160-5 lbs…could they be long lost twins? Maybe they are the same person..

Its not uncommon for models in the industry to go by different names and in BBA’s case maybe Apollo is a fictional younger version of Slong Johnson.

BBA tends to keep their model’s REAL info and locations unknown probably to protect the models and keep them exclusive. Maybe BBA found Slong Johnson on Flirt4Free many moons ago.  Both Apollo and Slong Johnson claim to be straight, even though Apollo has since bottomed several times and have had sex with multiple men.

I must say that Apollo is one of my favorite performers so it would be cool if he was really Slong Johnson.

I am willing to bet they are both the same person..

what do you think?


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