Tyson Anthony (authortysona) Presents #LGBT Webseries “Pharm” #PharmBoys


My name is Tyson Anthony. I’m the writer of the LGBT series “About Him” based on my first published novel. But this email isn’t about…About Him. But instead about a new addictive LGBT series titled Pharm. Over the summer of 2016 three young and new actors traveled to my residence in South Carolina to film this series. They all took a big risk working with a person who had plenty of writing experience but zero directing skills. But I was determined not to fail them. After a summer of ups and downs we managed to complete my next series Pharm. I’m thankful for all of the hard work Donivan Jordan, Cardo DeCardo, and Dexter McKenzie put in. Introducing – Pharm: “Latham’s high is blown when a pill pushing, pizza delivery guy, named Pax slips into his life. Instantly a lust-struck Pax is hooked on Latham – a handsome individual who indulges often in a mind altering affair with a medicine called ‘Pharm’. Latham’s delusional ex-lover Quentin and Pax’s desperate quest to settle his money problems adds unwanted conflict to their new bond that’s destined to become a formula for success – or disaster.” This series is similar to such shows as Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, and True Blood. I’ve attached the trailer of Pharm and our various social media links. It’s my hope that this series sparks your interest enough to share it with your followers and friends. Pharm is scheduled to debut on August 7th on the main website. I’m also in the progress of securing other media streamers that will air the show. Thank you and hopefully you will find yourself getting addicted to Pharm. It’s an adventure that takes place over a course of 30 days. And viewers will be treated to four mind racing and trippy episodes.


Website – www.watchpharm.com
Tyson Anthony’s Info:
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