Legendary Adult Star Kidd (@theiconkidd) Stars In Web-series “Steel River”

This entire week has been quite busy for me. I had some work to do behind the scenes and played host for Hoody Lavaye, who came into town for some work. In the midst of all the chaos, I got the chance to catch up with a few models including legendary adult star Kidd. Now if you have been following me since The Luckey Star days, you would know that Kidd and I go WAY back.

The last time I spoke about Kidd on this particular blog, it wasn’t exactly in the most positive light and he did feel some type of way about it. I was not a big fan of Kidd getting back into the adult industry and instead of reaching out to him about his decision to get back into the industry, I went off my own opinion.

Although we did talk about that particular post and hashed the misunderstand out, we haven’t really seen or talked to each other since then.

The truth is I assumed before asking questions and considering our relationship, I admit now that I failed to do my own homework and reach out to him. One thing I have learned about Kidd is that he doesn’t do anything without a plan.

Kidd wanted to give his fans what they asked for and everything was done with a plan to venture into other endeavors.

Speaking of endeavors, Kidd has a supporting role in the upcoming webseries Steel River: When We Were Young. He plays the role of Kadoe. He says that the role is definitely a step outside his comfort zone but he enjoys play the role.

Make sure you guys check out and support Kidd and the cast of “Steel River”.

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