Pharm Ep1-Ep2 [TV-14 Version]

“About Him” Author/Writer Tyson Anthony Presents – “Pharm”

Episode 1- It took twenty-one days for Pharm to hit the streets. And in episode one viewers start on day one of this trippy journey as they’re introduced to Latham. Latham holds the Pharm formula in an old mysterious box – a box that once belonged to his now missing mother. We also meet Quentin, Latham’s on and off boyfriend. And Pax – a pizza delivery boy whose wallet is growing a bit…thin.

In episode two, time becomes fragile. Quentin is pharming out a bit – barely able to focus on his Youtube stardom without some Pharm in his system. And we visit Pax, whose suffering from the ultimate dose of bad timing which leads to him taking some desperate measures – even attempting to reconnect with his brother. Latham is more focused on his past, his mind traveling back to the days when he and Quentin were a lot happier together.

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