Yusaf Mack Interview…

In West Philadelphia – born and raised – sits Yusaf Mack, the retired pro boxer who, aside from Mayweather and Pacquiao, has been the most talked about male boxing champ since late last year. In October the 35-year-old’s gay porn tape was exposed to the world, and as expected, several of his 11 children and family members simply couldn’t take it all in. Mack said it crushed him to have his oldest daughter tell him to go kill himself and deal with his mother who refuses to accept his sexual preference. “I was in need of the money,” he explained to DJ Vlad. “‘Til this day I haven’t watched it.”

During this exclusive clip Yusaf Mack details how he reacted to his family finding out, and why although he’s officially come out as an openly bisexual man he still has times where he becomes extremly emotional on the matter. Hear about Mack’s growing disinterest in boxing after 15 and a half years, impregnating a girl his first time having sex and when his interest in men came to fruition above.

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