About Him Tour Dates Rescheduled!


Signal23 Tv hit webseries “About Him” Tour, which is written by Tyson Anthony, recently sent out emails with rescheduled tour dates.

About Him Series Family,
To my dearest viewers of About Him, due to unforeseen circumstances we are required to reschedule several of our tour dates to ensure that things are up to par for our beloved members of the audience. My goal is to always deliver quality productions to my viewers. In order to do so we are upgrading venues in several cities, partnering with promotional teams, and ensuring that we bring the production value that you deserve. If it were not for the loyal family of Signal 23 Television we would not be able continue to construct the productions you adore. It was very hard to make this decision but I promise my production team will make it up to everyone in each city. I sincerely apologize if we have disappointed anyone, however we look forward to meeting each and everyone on our new scheduled dates in your perspective cities.

All Atlanta tour dates will stay the same.

The following cities are being rescheduled:
Birmingham – Sept 8th
Houston – Sept 9th
Dallas – Sept 10th
Chicago- Sept 11th
New York – Sept 16th
Philly – Sept 17th
D.C. – Sept 18th
Los Angeles – Sept 23rd
San Fransisco – Sept 24th
Las Vegas – Sept 25th

All purchased tickets are available for pickup in the perspective cities the night of the event. There will be a “will call” table set up with your tickets waiting for you in an envelope. There will not be any tickets sent via USPS.

All Atlanta tour dates will stay the same.

Sincerely yours,

Henderson Maddox

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