UPDATED: Is “Climax” Featuring Niko Love (@NikoLoveTM) & Arquez Coming Out This Year? @mr23atl

Back in July, Signal23TV presented us with a new webseries called “Climax” featuring former adult star Arquez Burch & rapper singer Niko Love! The year is almost over and still no “Climax”…

I tried to find out more information on the official site but was met with this..

As you know Signal23Tv is responsible for “About Him” and the spin-off “About Justin”! Hopefully we will hear from the creator and find out what is going on. I never seen Arquez nor Niko Love act but I am sure it’s going to be one hell of a show.

Sidenote: I am noticing a trend of adult stars (and InstaTHOTs..LOL) are being casted in these webseries. I know they tend to get a lot of flack for it but hey SEX sells. As long as they can act, I don’t see the issue. I mean people will watch it if their favorite porn star was in it. I even considered merging porn with a scripted show myself. Of course the series would be more about sex and less about acting..



Niko Love gave us an update on when we should be expecting “Climax” to premiere…

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