Adult Star Micah Brandt Battling Health Issues, Sets Up GoFundMe Account For Medical Bills! recently released a two year old scene of Micah Brandt & Diesel Washington.

In unrelated news, Micah Brandt revealed that he has been battling health issues including a possible bout with cancer.

According to his GoFundMe account..



First off I’d like to thank all of you for the support you’ve given me these past few days while being in and out of the hospital. It’s quite frustrating to go back and forth with medical professionals and receive no answers as to why the problem is happening. So being able to communicate to you all through social media has been a lifesaver for keeping my spirits up and distracted from the pain I’m in.

Long story short I have an infection in my scrotum that requires serious antibiotics and complete bed rest for about a week and a half. Also basically a scrotum bra to keep my testicles from hanging low and increasing the risk of spreading the infection. Glamorous right? All caused from a probable UTI and (get this) wearing cock rings too small for long periods of time.

On top of that my kidneys are in bad shape. My use of steroids combined with prep and not drinking enough water have basically forced my kidneys to make an SOS call. This of course, could’ve been prevented had I been smarter and taken better care of myself. I take full responsibility for that and it has been quite the wake up call.

In September I was diagnosed with non hotchkins lymphoma type A. I’ve kept it kind of a secret because A. I don’t want pity and B. It sounds worse than it is. Yes I have a type of cancer but it has about a 90% survival rate if caught and treated quickly. Thankfully it was caught before any real dyer concerns could happen. So please don’t think I’m dying or anything of the sort. It will take much more than that to get rid of me. Unfortunately I haven’t been being the most responsible when it comes to dealing with the news regardless of how mild the doctors tell me it is. When you’re 29 and you hear you have cancer of ANY kind it does feel a bit hopeless and I’ve slipped into depression and made not so great decisions to numb or forget the possibilities of the worse case scenario. Even though Ive always been a step behind my entire life, I feel I’m ahead of the game this time and choose to start dealing with it head on instead of ignoring it so that I dont make it worse and epidsodes like this week are no more common as a scene without me moaning.

All that being said, I’m very lucky to have a few friends in the medical profession who have given me care under the table but after this episode it is clear that I have to get serious about getting this issue under control so that I can continue on having a normal life. I have medical which is basically poor people’s insurance but I’ve been advised by my doctor and by the beautiful bills I’ve received, even for the minor treatments I’ve gotten that it basically covers nothing for a condition of this sort.

So I’m changing my healthcare plan to one that will cover my condition and the regular treatments required for the months to come so that I can come out of it healthy and not in debt

All insurances have a deductible that must be paid before the policy will cover any treatment. I have chosen a pricier plan when it comes to that but hoping that after the deductible is taken care of my medication and anything required to send this cancer packing will be of no cost to me.

So after the deductible and the price rate of the medications I’ve just received I’m hoping to raise about $10,000 so that I can go these next 6months with the best possible care and not have to stress about being able to afford it. Any donation would be greatly appreciated no matter how small. We all need help sometimes and I’m no longer too proud to admit this is a time I do myself.

If I’m able to raise more than the funds I need I will donate the remainder to a charity involving homeless gay youth. We as community and an industry need to take care of each other and make the year 2017 the year we finally put petty shit aside and stick up for one another and have each other’s backs!

I love you all very much and I thank you for being you and keeping the best medicine alive.

Humor and laughter

I’m not going anywhere and will continue to work as much as I can. I’m just asking for help to keep me able to do so.

All my love to you all

This isn’t the first time Micah Brandt has fallen on hard times and had to put up a GoFundMe account. A couple of years ago, he was living out of a motel and needed funds to get a place.

Cancer is very personal to me and I am a big fan of Micah Brandt, hence why I am sadden to hear this news. You don’t get health insurance in the adult industry so these models have to have their own insurance.

They gotta take better care of themselves.

I notice Micah Brandt vowed to donate a portion of the money to a homeless gay youth organization. I really hope he makes good on that. Above everything I pray that he is able to make a speedy recovery.

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